Individual Major Medical

Individual Major Medical

Individual Major Medical, Affordable Care Act, and Obama Care are all ways to say Health Insurance for those under 65, not eligible for Medicare.

Don’t know if you might be eligible for a subsidy? Are you better off in the private market? We can help you determine which is the better path for you. We highly recommend that you talk to us before you go to so that you are better prepared for options available to you. We can take you through the whole process for free.

This year, open enrollment begins November 1st. Remember that you can no longer switch plans mid year unless you qualify (ie. You lose a job, move out of area, lose coverage…) so it’s important to be ready if you want to make the change.

In many cases you will get a penalty if you do not obtain a qualified health insurance plan.  There are exemptions, but be very careful. 

What to know about penalties and exemptions:

There is a calculator on most tax software on, use it. You may be surprised that you qualify simply because premiums are so high.

Don’t assume your penalty will be pro-rated.   If you are not exempt, your entire family income (not just for those who did not have coverage) will be penalized.

There are many ways to become exempt, but it is important to go into the situation fully prepared, so contact a professional before you make changes.


We can help you with

  • Obamacare Plans
  • Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) plans
  • Major Medical Plans
  • HMOs, PPOs, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze plans
  • High and low deductible plans
  • Copays
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Subsidy determinations
  • Provider list comparisons

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